Community Outreach

Here at Xperience Church Chicago, our goal is to reach the Englewood community and beyond by ministering and evangelising through various programs while addressing social issues in the community. Through these ministries we hope to instill a positive, spiritual, physical and emotional impact on the community.




Outdoor Ministry of feeding the homeless during the winter months on Lower Wacker Drive and other places in Chicago, providing clothing, food, and prayer.

Definition of ChristMOB:
ChristMOB is a collective of people assembled in a place, seemingly random, to perform acts of charity (love) as commissioned by the Word of God and the teachings of His Son Jesus Christ. ChristMOB is a collective of individuals, Christian or supportive of Christian ideals, comprised of different socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and genders. These individuals will work voluntarily to carry out the Mission Statement through acts of service.

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Social Ministry addressing the cause and effects for violence in the Englewood community, bringing awareness and insight to help change the mindset of hopelessness, depression, and desperation.

INCREASE the PEACE is more than just a event. We intend for Increase the Peace to be the beginning of many community led efforts to combat community violence through:

  • Building Relationships
  • Engaging and empowering youth & young adults
  • Providing safe and family friendly activities for community members 

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