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Preacher, Psalmist, Pastor

Rev. Dwayne L. Grant was born and raised on the South and West sides of Chicago. He has spent nearly 3 decades serving in the areas of Music, Worship, and Lay Ministries in the UMC. Because of the prayers and guidance of 2 grandmothers (Nettie Pearl & Priscella) he accpted Christ at an early age and quickly became the musician for Gorham UMC Inspirational Choir on the South Side of Chicago. Meanwhile on the West Side of Chicago, Min. Priscella had church and bible study in her home during the week and traveled to Roberts Temple C.O.G.I.C. on Sundays, thereby creating the paradoxically complex worshiper Dwayne is today...LOL. While attending Kenwood Academy H.S., he studied and was mentored by the legendary Rev. Dr. Lena McLin. Upon graduation he received a full scholarship to Vandercook College of Music. Rev. Grant has been a musician or Minister of Music at several UMC churches such as Southlawn UMC, First Wesley Academy UMC, St. Mark UMC, Gorham UMC, Hartzell UMC and more. He has been Music Director for the Maceo D. Pembroke Institute at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary for over 15 years. Rev. Grant’s musical gifts have taken him all over the United States, England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. In 2010 He recorded, composed & co-produced the gospel CD "God's Favor" which went on to receive a Verizon Wireless RHYTHM OF GOSPEL AWARD. 

Rev. Grant’s is the former leader of Chicago Black Methodists For Church Renewal’s Youth & Young Adult Initiative, which launched annual Christian Cafés, Lock-Ins, retreats and other activities to engage & empower the youth and young adults of the Northern Illinois Conference. Rev. Grant’s deep passion for social justice has led him to become involved in various prayer vigils, rallies and actions with Ceasefire, S.W.O.P. & S.O.U.L., the Westside Ministers Coalition, Blackstar Project. and IIRON. Rev. Grant is one of the S.O.U.L. 16, these activist were jailed as part of the Occupy Chicago Movement’s action against the Mortgage Bankers Assoc. at the Hyatt Hotel on Chicago’s Gold Coast.

In 2005 Rev. Grant answered the call of the Lord, left his job with the Chicago Public Schools, and in September 2007 became the newly licensed and appointed Pastor of Resurrection United Methodist Church. During this time at Resurrection he started a contemporary Saturday night worship service that hundreds of young people of all races, creeds and sexual orientations attended called SNL@THA REZ. July 1st 2012 he was appointed and commissioned to plant a new church in Hillside/Bellwood IL. A ridiculously amazing church XPERIENCE was born but unfortunately had to close its doors. NOW Pastor Grant aka PG is seeking to do urban ministry on Chicago's Southside in the Englewood community as the new pastor of Greater Englewood UMC as of July 1 2014. And now as of July 15, 2015 is planting Xperience 2.0 in Englewood for those who wish to do ministry in radical yet relevant ways. 

Dwayne is married to his wife of 30 yrs, Linda, and is Father to 6 girls: Crystal, Angel, Diana, Brenda and the twins Tameika & Shameika.

Bringing a blessing to the block, a Cross to the corner, and Salvation to the Streets.”  - Pastor Dwayne L. Grant

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